Join us for our Fall Discipleship Semester Classes

Join each Wednesday through November 17, 2021 for our Fall Discipleship Semester. Classes are offered online via Zoom and live in person.
This semester’s topics are:

1. Advancing in the Prophetic Giftings – Module 2
An in-depth look at the prophetic spiritual gifts and understanding how God speaks through dreams Taught by Pastors Mikhael Moran, John Thomas & Mickey Robinson

2. Isaiah 19 Highway
An exciting look at God’s plans for Israel, Egypt, Assyria, and His Blessing to the Nations of the Earth Taught by Tom Craig and Jon Mark Davis

3. Bridging the Testaments – Module 2
Uniting first covenant scriptures to the Gospel of Matthew and Yeshua’s ministry Taught by Pastors Wayne Hilsden & Chad Holland

For more information and to sign up for classes write us at [email protected]

Previous Class Videos

We are excited to offer edited class videos from our previous discipleship semester. You are welcome to view these as many times as you wish, download them and share the links with friends and family. (see the links below).