October 8th, 2023 – “Perfect Word”

Join us as Pastor Chad brings this poignant message.

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  1. Bill Benko

    Dear Chad, Thanks for your message and the clarity of your teaching.
    LAW! I understand that most of your listeners are familiar with the word Law and that to be understood one must continue to use that vocabulary.
    Thank you for introducing words like precepts, commandments, statutes etc. To that end the word Torah, in my opinion, has a specific meaning ie ‘Instructions in Righteousness’ and is more powerful than the word ‘Law’. I know there are laws ‘chok’ in the Torah but think they may be a subset of Torah in the way a precept is.
    For me when I hear that someone got stopped by the Law for speeding it reinforces that negativity that my Evangelical theology taught me about the ‘Law’.
    At any rate it is good to hear that more and more teachers are willing to come down on the side of the Torah being part of the living word and should be listened to and kept.
    Thank you,

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