October 9th 2022 – “The Source of Peace”

Join us as Pastor Chad brings a special message on the eve of Sukkot, looking at how we forfeited the peace that God had given us – so will have to go back to Him to regain the peace that He intends for us.

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  1. Bill Benko

    There was a new Pastor who wanted to move the Church piano to the other side of the room. The Elders were against such a move so every week he moved it one inch.
    Since you know the scriptures and use them to prove your points the fact that we are keeping Yahweh’s Appointed Times (Moedim) I can only assume you are moving toward the commands of Yahweh one inch at a time.
    For 10 years I had reasons why I should reject the Sabbath. However every year when I came to Israel my reasons were demolished with the Word.
    I now run to keep the Sabbath.
    Am I now called legalistic… For sure! But just as I have a legalistic 55 year Covenant relationship with my wife(we made a lot of promises in front of witnesses) I have more than a relationship with my Saviour… I have a Covenant Relationship… Kind of like a salt Covenant whereby I do a few things that triggers my Heavenly Father to look after everything else.
    How about a series of Greco Roman thinking vs Hebraic thinking.

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